Welcome a new figure: Girl and Tentacles!
28 mm, fimo sculpting, resin casting.

miniature: Brother Vinni
text: Dmitry Rommel

Horrors that hide in the depths are nightmares to some and sweet, enticing dreams to others. Since times immemorial, the Cult has been worshipping an ancient eldritch creature, known only as the Void Dreamer, whose tentacled, writhing form dwells below the deepest caves and dungeons. The Void Dreamer is consumed by permament hunger, but not the one for flesh or blood - instead, it feeds on emotions and fantasies. Agony and pain cannot sustain its perverse and inventive mind, thus the sacrifices made to the Void Dreamer are those of pleasure...
The priests of the Cult have constructed a special sort of altar over the well leading to the Void Dreamer's lair. Bound and spread, the helpless victim is consumed by the wildest fears and hopes as the tentacled mass surges toward her from the depths, but once the tendrils reach her, a dance of lust and ecstasy begins. Well aware of all the weaknesses of the human mind and body alike, the Void Dreamer enjoys toying with its "bride" for hours, feasting on her pleasure as well as lingering sense of disgust and shame. Finally, it retreats to the depths, leaving the victim exhausted but oddly content and satiated.
The Void Dreamer's "brides" then act as oracles, through whom it speaks to the Cult. And while most of them come from the ranks of slaves or captives, sometimes, noble-born and wealthy ladies also seek the Void Dreamer's embrace, knowing all pleasures pale before this sensation.