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Thread: TBK's Paintdemic WIP Blog ish...

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    TBK's Paintdemic WIP Blog ish...

    A photo dump at this point of my work on Distracted o far.

    I'll try to keep this up to date. As anyone who remembers my AMAZING consistency in work schedule, there is no guarantee that I'll keep this up to date. So thanks for your patience?

    Originally I wanted to have a bed in the scene. Sadly it didn't work from a compositional standpoint.

    Where I settled on composition:

    And progress on painting the figure. (Censored the naughty bits for stream safe viewing... Pictures later without the areas blacked out.)

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    An update! Will wonders never cease?

    The lamp stand is completely scratch built. The lantern is from the original kit I'm debating gluing the lamp stand down. I want to add grout between the stones as well. I finally figured out what my issue with the stones was.

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    Looks great so far! I think you're right, a bit of grout to lessen the gaps between stones will make for a nicer flooring.
    A model what I painted: My WIP thread



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