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Thread: Color Quest Gamma (Game On Tabletop)

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    Color Quest Gamma (Game On Tabletop)

    Hello All,

    I wanted to share with you the new Color Quest Gamma campaign living now on Game On Tabletop :

    This campaign introduces 3 new miniatures :

    - Spartan (main pledge)
    - Necromancer (main pledge)
    - Assassin (stretch goal)

    Color Quest is a skirmish game with resin miniatures for 2 players base on Color Warz universe.


    The game is available in both french and english languages.

    You will find below BGG pages of my 3 games already published :

    - Color Quest (2017 - FLUO Craft) :
    - Gob'z Heroes (2016 - Lumberjacks Studio / Skulls mini) :
    - Color Warz - Paint Brawl (2012 - FLUO Games) :

    The game box was funded in 2017 on Kickstarter (link to the campaign) and this is the 3rd season on Game On Tabletop to introduce new playable characters / miniatures each time.

    Color Quest Gamma (2020 - current campaign) introduces Necromancer, Spartan and Assassin :

    Color Quest Beta (2019) introduced Amazon, Valkyrie and Dryad :

    Color Quest Alpha (2018) introduced Doomed Matriarch, Chosen One lvl 2 and Doomed Chief :

    Miniatures are provided on 25mm stands (or 29mm stands) but we also have few Monsters on 50mm basis :

    Domesticated Koloss sculpted by Christophe Bauer :

    Savage Koloss sculpted by Christophe Bauer :

    Black Paint Basilisk sculpted by Stéphane Nguyen :

    You can have an idea of Color Quest miniatures scale with the picture below :

    You can find a a preview on the whole range below (more to come) :

    Each campaign (on per year) discover 3 new miniatures and have access to the whole range with add-ons.

    More informations

    Take a look on the index :
    Take a look on the rulebook :
    Take a look on advanced rules :

    This is a small french project but we have arround 10% American and British members so, each of you are welcomed !

    Thank you for your attention

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    The Color Quest Gamma campaign has been funded !

    It means that you will receive an Assassin miniature in addition to your pledge (excepted Kadamas pledge at 1€).

    It remains 48h to join this campaign :

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    Last hours to join the Color Quest Gamma Campaign :
    note : it will ends today (thursday, may 7th at 11pm.)

    What's new today ?

    Rules update with new character profils, new rules, more background and new illustrations !

    New cards to play your Legandary Potions !

    And more to come :

    A second miniature free for all !!

    And more content for gamers !

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    Great deal for the finish !

    For 2 ordered miniatures (Spartan + Necromancer), you will receive 4 miniatures ! (Spartan + Necromancer + Assassin + Kaos Hand) !

    Only 1h remaining to back :

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    The Color Quest Gamma campaign is now over.

    Thank you for listening and see you next time for the Delta !

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    The Color Quest Gamma Late Pledge is now available for 3 weeks :

    For 2 miniatures paid (Spartan + Necromancer) receive 4 miniatures (Spartan + Necromancer + Assassin + Kaos Hand).

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    A short reminder to help you to have an overview of this late pledge content.

    Link to join the campaign :

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    Here is a picture of what you will get on Color Quest Gamma Late Pledge for 20€ (or more) :

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    Last week for Color Quest Gamma Late Pledge on Game On Tabletop :

    Next edition (Delta) is scheduled for 2021.



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