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Thread: Its our 15th Birthday

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    Its our 15th Birthday

    Can't believe Wamp is 15 years old!. Been some big changes over the years, starting as a tiny ebay group. Growing to over 5000 members, launching a successful digital magazine, contests and even live events. 2 kickstarter and a store that's shipped to over 70 countries.
    Not to mention our own range of brushes and miniatures.
    It's a hard slog some days but it's a project I'm proud of. Thanks to everyone that's supported it over the years

    To celebrate we are going to be giving away something free with every store order over 15 for the next week. Here's a selection of just some of the items up for grabs!. We are also giving away a 15 gift voucher too. We will give you 1 entry for each like, share, tag or comment you make on the facebook or instagram post about this.
    Thankyou so much to everyone that had supported Wamp over the last 15 years.
    You can find the store at wampstore

    Available for Commissions Like my Facebook Page: Brett Johnson Designs

    Shop at the Wampstore Wamp Corporate

  2. Loving your work This user likes what you had to say. Good on Ya! Demonn
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    Congratulations! Whoop!



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