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Thread: castle keep

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    castle keep

    hi guys, looking to build a fortified town/castle. i'm using the warhammer fortress for the exterior walls and gates. got my eye on several buildings for the inside and will get them over time as money available.

    anyway i need some sort of inner keep or fortifed compound or maybe even some sort of tower complex?, anyone know anything that might work? dont really like building made of mdf, so i guess that just leaves resin and plastic.

    i've seen the dwarven forge stuff and it looks amazing but its a bit out of my price range (unless i can kill the wife and manage to get away with it)

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    you could lolok at the Hirst arts moulding sets and make your own from plaster. might be worth the outlay if your going to use it a fair amount
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    I can recommend Tabletop World. But they are a bit pricey as the buildings are resin. However, I think you can't get better scenery than that.
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    those hist arts moulds look like alot of fun, wish i had the time to cast bricks all day and mess about....

    couldn't get on the table world website? found some for sale in a uk store though, yeah they certainly do look cool



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