She's here! We had hoped to have Jun out by the end of last year but ran into some hiccups as you may know. But now she is finally here and potentially entirely for free* if you have bought the other CP Yakuza busts!

She's now on preorder for 40,- and will ship out within two weeks time. If you would like to get her then please send us a message.

If you already own the other four CP Yakuza busts then also please send us a message and we will sort things from there. ;)

Don't have all the other CP Yakuza busts yet? But you would like to get Jun for free?! Then get the ones you are still missing and you will be able to take advantage of this deal too! The other busts are available at a discounted price for two weeks at 45,-.

*you would only need to pay for shipping & handling!