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Thread: Wamp's Birthday Special Offers

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    Wamp's Birthday Special Offers

    Today Wamp becomes an unruly teenager! To celebrate its 13th Year we have released a special Fusion Set. The set complete with detailed stain glass window all includes a 60mm plinth and floral motified tile floor.

    It is on offer to Wamp Members for a special price of 13 (RRP 22) for 1 week. If your logged in to the forum you should see a yellow notice above. If you are not a member then simply register to take advantage. You can also buy the components seperately too.

    If that wasnt enough we are also offering 13% off everything in the wampstore for the next week, however for the next 24 hours we are doubling it to 26%. Simply log in to the store to see the discount prices automatically.

    Weve come a long way in the last 13 years and while the internet has changed in recent years its great to welcome back people time and again as we near 5000 members.
    I want to say thankyou to everyone that been involved over those 13 years, it really is humbling.
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    Awesome stuff! Congrats!
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