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Thread: Afro-Zombie, Steam Girls KickStarter

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    Afro-Zombie, Steam Girls KickStarter

    To celebrate our Kick-starter going live on May the 1st, we will be re-introducing you to the girls, to kick it all off let me introduce you to;

    Florence Wattsmith- A Classically trained investigator, she is above and beyond all the rest in the field of paranormal investigating. An expert at hunting and trapping all that go "bump" in the night, you will always find her equipped with her EMP wrist detector and phantom vortex pack.

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    Time to introduce you to another one of our lovely Steam Girls,

    The Tesla Knight -Olivia Judith Bray- The head of heavy infantry for The Queens guard and a fearsome knight, Olivia roams the battle field as if invincible with her Tesla Cannon and Steam powered companion Phinx.

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    It's that time again, its time to introduce another of our steam Girls. Today it is Jet Express;

    Miss Sarah Whiteheart- flying at high speeds with her jet-pack; Sarah's primary job is to deliver important documents to and from the front line which is fraught with artillery air fire and of coarse explosive danger. Who the heck needs carrier pigeons?

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    good stuff, keep it coming!
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  5. Loving your work This user likes what you had to say. Good on Ya! Afro_Zombie
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    Undertaker To The Undead

    Real Name Unknown- In a time when body snatching is at its highest and human experimentation is at an all time high, the deceased do not always sleep. This Ghoul Hunter protects London's largest cemetery from body snatchers and the dark creatures that roam in the night.

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    The Cracken Hunter

    Katherine Blacklock-
    As strong as steel and as bold as brass, this Monster Hunter wont's let anything stop her from gaining her kill and claiming her prize.

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