OK my pennies worth
Streamline the **** out of the forum, ask what we want and fit the forum around that. We are a painter forum so would suggest WIP/ finished feedback/ hints and tips/ events meet-ups/ some where to moan about figures/ some where to moan about life.
have a monthly paint.
But I think you/we definitely have to many loose threads
What made this forum big was we offered a saef place for new and established painter to meet and share the joy of painting.
AS for Mod as I stated earlier I will be by my PC 24/7 so am happy to help
Can I suggest we put up a thread asking what brings members in a what they want
For example
I will be looking for somewhere to vent on the poor cast's I have to paint :). I will need help with colour schemes and general banter about how poor England Rugby are or how great all my sport teams are. I will maybe post some WIp and finished commissions but generally will be looking to offer advice and tips to the new and army level painter (will leave display painting to the experts)