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Thread: Twisted Holiday Painting Competition!

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    Twisted Holiday Painting Competition!

    Hi guys, Happy New Year! Wow, it has been a LONG time since I posted here - hope you've all been well, and have been enjoying the holidays :)

    Why not start 2018 with a bit of creativity? We are running an online community painting competition for Twisted if you're up for a bit of fun! All levels welcome and everyone gets a prize, so we'd love to see you enter!

    If you don't know about Twisted: it's an Australian 32mm steampunk-themed skirmish game started by me (Seb Archer) and Angora (Pete Overton). Thanks again to those of you who supported our Kickstarter and helped bring Twisted to life!

    Here's the more official announcement:



    Hose down the wet palettes, fire up your brushes and carefully label the painting vs drinking mugs - it's time to enter the inaugural Twisted painting competition!

    Everyone is welcome and encouraged to enter, no matter your skill-level. The focus is squarely on fun and we want you all to get involved. Have a go and show us what you can do!

    It's an Online competition so anyone can enter, worldwide: just paint a mini, snap a photo and email your entry to (don't forget your name/name of your entry!). Competition runs until Sunday, Feb 4, 2018.

    Everyone receives a prize: a FREE 10% OFF COUPON CODE to use on anything from the Twisted shop, whenever you like! This is our thank-you gift to you for entering the competition.

    Cool prizes for winners including Twisted store vouchers, advance copies of special new miniatures, signed artwork and more to be announced.

    The competition entries will be featured in a gallery page on the Twisted website, on the Twisted Forum, and on our Twisted Facebook page.

    Have fun, be involved and get creative!

    Full details on the website:

  2. Loving your work This user likes what you had to say. Good on Ya! jkn
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    Soon as they win the Ashes they come out the woodwork!!

    Great comp and a good excuse to paint some of those gorgeous minis folks
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