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Thread: Asgrataris Kickstarter - Solidarity and educational project

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    Asgrataris Kickstarter - Solidarity and educational project

    Hi everyone!

    Im here to announce a new campaingn in Kickstarter.

    Asgrataris is an association that use this hobby as an educational tool to instill values and empowerment to those groups which are in a risk of exclusion. in our last project we were in an Indian orphanage during three months. (More info:

    In this occasion we would like to bring three children of that orphanage to Spain. Those children were the mos interested in our hobby workshops. We want that they teach what they learned to the children of a school of Spain. Moreover they hace the possibility to exchange such different experiences of living using english as a common language.

    To dound this project, we realized a crowdfunding campaingh. If youre a collector, painter, or if your want to collaborate with us, this is yout opportunity. Moreover we offer you wonderful rewards as tutorials, makingoff of figures, music and videos (and more miniatures of course ).

    So if you want to participate, help us and check the link below. You can find a detailed description of the campaing and what you need to collaborate in this educative project.

    I will answer any questions you may have.

    Thanks for your time and regards!

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  2. Loving your work This user likes what you had to say. Good on Ya! Demonn
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