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Thread: Asgrataris says hello!

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    Asgrataris says hello!

    Hello everyone!

    I introduce myself, my name is Pablo Ronda, from Spain. Im speaking on behalf of Asso. Asgrataris Solidarity Modelism.

    Asgrataris is an association that use hobby modeling as an educational tool to instill values and empowerment to those groups which are in a risk of exclusion. In our last project, we were in an Indian orphanage during three months. For more information: CLICK HERE.

    We have a new project in mind and for this we have created a campaign in Kickstarter. I leave the link here, although I will post a post in News.

    Thanks and greetings!

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    will definitely check out the links. It sounds interesting! good luck
    The best thing my mates & I have done:

    Me on Putty&Paint



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