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Thread: Princess Ruby and Princess Emerald

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    Princess Ruby and Princess Emerald

    Here are two minis that I really love. I love how the Super Dungeon Explore setting has the princesses as the prophesied heroes that will eventually overcome the dark lord. No waiting around to be rescued for them.

    Princess Emerald is really full of character. I love the steampunk feel she has. I chose a color scheme based on her namesake. I'm planning on doing this with the other princesses as they come out.

    This Princess Ruby is a re-sculpt. To be fair, I was quite fond of the original sculpt for Princess Ruby, but I recognize that as the style of Super Dungeon Explore evolved, she was a little left behind (Ruby would be far shorter than her sister princesses at least).

    And I was quite happy to paint her up again. As with Emerald, my color scheme was based on her namesake:

    So we're waiting on the Super Dungeon Arcade box to come out so that I can have a go with Princess Amethyst next.

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    I'm a bit late in replying to this thread, but I really like what you've done here. The almost monochromatic scheme (even in the eyes) for each mini really ties the miniatures up nicely. It sort of makes the eye hunt around for unique bits of detail. Pretty cool.
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    I really wanted a theme that I could continue with the next three princesses, and they all have that nice built in concept.

    I'm really looking forward to Amethyst, Citrine and Saphire.

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    great as ever. The gems are really nice. I think its easy to forget how small these actually are!
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