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Thread: Lagertha the Chaos Maiden

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    Lagertha the Chaos Maiden

    My conversion of Nutsplanet Shieldmaiden. You can see more on my Patreon page

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    thats beautiful
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    Wonderful piece. Those skintones are super smooth!
    Nerodine (blog, WIP thread)

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    That's absolutely amazing! Very creative, both with the conversions and the painting.

    I finished my own Lagertha recently, though it's certainly not in the same class as yours. This is the 70mm Lagertha by White Wolf Miniatures.

    There's some more pictures here:
    Attached Images Attached Images

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    She looks absolutely fantastic, and stunning.

    In the interest of constructive criticism, the hair doesn't look right where it meets other surfaces, particularly on the face and scalp. Hair doesn't grow in a neat line, it is sporadic and rough, with scalp showing through beyond the hairline.

    What you have looks like a poorly applied wig - not meaning any offence, just a suggestion for future attention.

    Other than that, absolutely gobsmacking and I wish I could paint 1/10th as well!

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    thanks, everyone
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