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Thread: NMM Saint Celestine

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    NMM Saint Celestine

    Finally after a long time I have finished this Lady! (how long has it been since i submitted anything!!)
    This Celestine is a little bit special to me you know.
    I started painting it s a new study into how i teach NMM
    For those of you that have been on my NMM courses you know that i have systems with chich i tech NMM in as understandable way as possible.
    Howver I am always looking to improve. Painting this celestine i a new ways systemise teaching the mystical arts of NMM.
    All i need now is somebody to test it on.

    There's also a second reason this piece is special to me.
    As you know (or not) I have been very ill for a while now and during that time a member of the community we love
    reached out and helped me. I did not know this person and to have a complete stranger help me in the way he did from halfway around the world
    was SAINTLY!
    So i am giving this finished piece to him and I would like to hand it to him in person.
    I am so happy and grateful for what you did!
    Following his example to pass on kindness where possible is why i started the REAVER TITAN project for charity
    and i must say life is better for the efforts!
    I hope we all can just help each other and follow his example.

    Peace, enjoy.


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  2. Loving your work This user likes what you had to say. Good on Ya! spykeside
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    Beautiful piece. I like the warmth of the gold, it complements the rich red robe.

    Also nice to know that good souls still exist to help others in the bad times. That applies to Mr Hammett, yourself and the fine folk who donated the Reaver titan too.

    Small side note, the link in your signature doesn't work - you need to drop the l from html then it works just fine :)
    Nerodine (blog, WIP thread)



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