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Thread: Kickstarter: XYZ Division

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    Kickstarter: XYZ Division

    XYZ Division is now live on Kickstarter

    XYZ Division is a new subscription based 3D printable tabletop war game set in the not too distant post apocalyptic future. With an industrious focus on creating an ever expanding range of highly customisable, intricate and detailed, 33mm 3D printable figurines and scatter terrain models, accessed via an online portal. You can expect a wealth of expansive, constantly updated content, full of forever growing lore!

    XYZ Division is a two player game that takes roughly one hour to play and has been in development for over a year. We believe XYZ Division can kickstart a new ear in table top wargaming, with core easy to learn rules and gameplay which appeal to both beginner and veteran players, XYZ Division offers the next platform in customisable table top wargaming.

    For more information drop us a message, check out our
    website or follow us on Instagram for regular updates.

    Visit The Campaign Here
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    good luck with it. I like the concept though I wonder how much of a market there is at present. There cant be too many people with 3d printers yet. I think the miniature design quality needs to improve though. People buying 3D printers arent doing cheap and cheerful, they expect a certain level and I am not sure the miniatures are offering that from the photos.

    Sorry to put a downer on things, just trying to offer my opinion from the outside looking in.
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    I tend to agree Darklord. The quality just isn't apparent to me.



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