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Thread: I'm Will, of Miniatures of Tomorrow!

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    I'm Will, of Miniatures of Tomorrow!

    Hello everyone, excited to have found this forum.

    I'm Will, and I run the Miniatures of Tomorrow studio, out of Indianapolis - soon to be Fort Worth. I've been a commission and competition painter for a couple of years now, really only debuting on the national scene at Gen Con 2016.

    I'm helping run and judge the Rainbow Brush III this year and am super excited to be involved with the project. It's going to be a great competition this year, especially the online component being hosted were on Wamp.

    At any rate, I paint and sculpt better than I talk, so here's some stuff I've done! I hope you guys dig my work!

    Kingdom Death Messenger of Courage. Figured out how to freeze frame a liquid effect in air for this piece. Not only is it neat looking, but also durable enough for the tabletop.

    Kingdom Death Screaming Antelope. I sculpted the base and half consumed fellow. His name was Dave, and he's having a really terrible day.

    Kingdom Death Sci Fi Flower Knight. Really went all out on this one. Everything but the sword wielding figure is an original sculpt. Was my first derelict spaceship corridor. Will corridor again.

    Keep your bristles damp!

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    officially welcome!

    Nice work, your blood effects are great. Tamiya clear red in a glue?
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    Thanks, Darklord!

    There is a bunch of different stuff going on with the blood effects. A combination of UHU Glue, Tamiya Clear Red, Scale 75 Inks and blister plastic 'skeletons' coated in high gloss mod podge and painted.

    I really dig the impact that water effect lend pieces, so I put a lot of effort into creating realistic effects.

    Here's a shot of the diorama that won gold and the best in category at Gen Con, 2016

    I definitely have a shtick.
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    Cool stuff!
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    Thanks, Scott. Trying to do my own thing, which is ultimately closer to diorama and display boards than miniatures on the tabletop. Long way to go to the top!



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