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Thread: Happy Games Factory - Eden Burn Out Kickstarter

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    Last Hours - Happy Games Factory - Eden Burn Out Kickstarter

    Hi everyone,

    I'm here to promote a game : Eden and his current Kickstarter campaign, Burn Out

    What is Eden :
    Eden is a post-apocalyptic skirmish game with awesome miniatures and lot of tactic. Fighting is clearly not the main way to win in Eden, it's surviving !

    Rules are freely downloadable here but I know that pictures are always better than words, so here is a little presentation of Eden :

    What is Burn Out :
    Burn Out introduces 3 main points in Eden :

    • Experience
    • Campaign
    • Multi-level sceneries

    Your characters will have to fight many times, they will have to survive at least at two games to win experience and be able to inscrease their skills !
    This will also increse their cost, which will simply be marked on their skill card.
    Moreover, you will be able to play games at more than 100 points, but be careful, your opponent will be able to have artefacts in return !

    The campaign :
    Burn Out has been funded in 24 hours, we are at more than 520% funded and there is still 7 days to involved the adventure

    What will you have with Burn Out ?

    Link to the Kickstarter page :
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    some great sculpts in there. Good to see it funded
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    Quote Originally Posted by Darklord View Post
    some great sculpts in there. Good to see it funded
    Thanks !
    It's true that Mohand's sculpts are great and pleasant to paint !

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    New drone for ISC fans !

    The famous Grey Daimyo casted in resin !!!

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    Had a good look at these during Salute. A wonderful range of figures, and the painting on the display set is just so good.
    Nerodine (blog, WIP thread)

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    It's the good moment to get some Happy Games Factory stuff !

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    The free teenager is unlocked for Hooked Backers!

    Both of immortal beast of war pledges are gone!
    The first concept validated is this one :

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    Last Hours - Happy Games Factory - Eden Burn Out Kickstarter

    We are entering in last hours!

    We are at 77k, a lot of things are unlocked.

    A 110€ pledge will give you :
    • Game
    • Additionnal ruins
    • Askari Starter (2 30mm models and 1 40mm) - casted in RESIN

    • Convoy starter (4 30mm models and 1 40mm) - casted in RESIN
    • 1 extra KS exclusive Convoy model (30mm) - casted in RESIN
    • 1 extra KS exclusive Askari model (30mm) - casted in RESIN
    • A KS exclusive alternate set (head/arms) for Askari starter - casted in RESIN
    • 2 mercenaries (30mm) - casted in RESIN
    • Several post-apocalyptic tokens for missions or skills (dog, cat, ferret, explosive rabbits) - casted in RESIN
    • 15 KS exclusive artifacts and experiencecards
    • 15 KS exclusive crates cards
    • Unexpected Event cards deck
    • Some KS exclusive bits for Gangs & Mutants of Eden (including author's head )

    And we have started to work on higher goals :

  10. Loving your work This user likes what you had to say. Good on Ya! vegascat
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    There are some great looking models!
    Miniatures painted in 2015: 21

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