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Thread: [soon on KS] Wet Palette for miniature painting reinvented

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    Ohh...I'm intrigued by this too. I'm very interested.

  2. Loving your work This user likes what you had to say. Good on Ya! vivienred
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    Check the new review "Everlasting wet palette : Should I invest?" on

    and this review on reddit/minipainting . Including an in depth review of the hydration paper !

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    Painter size, 15 by 20 cm, made for miniature painters looking for a good sized palette, that is compact and easy to carry. It's perfect for small to medium sized paint stations. Painter Everlasting Wet Palette can be extended using the top lid as a side Palette.

    Studio size, 20 by 30 cm, made for Pros and Enthusiasts looking for a huge painting area. It's perfect for medium to large sized paint stations. Studio Everlasting Wet Palette can also be extended using the top lid as a side Palette.

    The campaign starts 19 th September at 7 pm gmt+1 !

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    APPROVED BY PRO-PAINTER. Need a review or 10 ?



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