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Thread: Holding Minis while painting

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    Holding Minis while painting

    I've seen a bunch of ways people hold their minis... with corks, medicine bottles, plastic cups, PK-Pro holders with the armature thingy, some home made looking ones like that.

    I asked me wife to think about some ideas (she's ridiculously creative) and she's got some ideas with dowel rods, and most recently - kong dog toys - a small gooseneck mic holder (for micing an amp).

    Help me out - how do you hold your minis, what have you tried that didn't work?

    I should mention I have bad hands and wrists. Neurologist quote: "you don't have any of the major diseases we test for, so that's a good thing, but sometimes medical science doesn't have the answers... and if it hurts, stop doing it." hahahahahahh. .

    I can't hold things for a long time - it's easiest if I'm holding them but I need an arm rest to keep me steady (we're working on ideas for that too).
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    I've been thinking about this too: I generally glue a stick (a length of sprue or something) to the bottom of the miniature after most of the tab has been removed and then stab that into a block of polystyrene.

    But seeing that most people seem to use corks I thought I'd give that a go.

    A bag of 30 corks for 3. The rest is just stuff I had around the house. Miniatures stuck to corks can be top heavy, so I made a stand for them out of some spare wood for the ones that are sitting around or for airbrushing in bulk - the holes are nice and snug so the corks don't fall out and the figures can be moved around easily. A large hole drilled most of the way through, with a small hole from the bottom.

    For the ones I'm working on I made a couple of holders from a branch of wild cherry. These give me something nice to hold, but also give some weight, so I can put it down without it toppling over. A large hole drilled halfway through to match the diameter of the cork. One narrow hole drilled all the way through in case the cork gets stuck and needs pushing out from underneath. The big hole had a bit of wobble in one of them, so I filled the gap between the cork and the edge with some beeswax. Quite fun to make really.

    And you can see my next project here - some blood bowl orcs. I'm looking forward to giving it a go to see if the holder is comfortable to hold. I think my concern at the moment is that the wire I've used isn't quite rigid enough, but we'll see.
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    I use a mix of things - Rathcore stand (now stands), corks stuck to bases for a little more support, jam jars, just the bases...

    The jam jars are nice as they're chunkier than most of the other options, and you don't need all that many of them - just a couple and a few more lids, then attach projects to the lids and switch them around.

    A lot of minis I paint are already based so I tend to just hold the base but when I'm doing that I make sure I'm wearing at least A glove to make sure I don't smudge off anything with greasy fingers.
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    I just use plastic caps from 20 oz soda bottles. Stick some blu tack on them, and press a 30mm based mini on top. They don't tip over, and if I paint bigger miniatures, I just find a bigger lid (from a medicine container, or even a peanut butter lid.)

    Cheap, effective.

    It's comfortable for my hand for extended painting sessions.

    Just for the record, I also have wrist/hand issues. I've had Carpel Tunnel surgery on my right hand, and probably should have it on my left. But, frequently putting the mini down and doing some hand flexes seems to work.

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    I have wooden blocks about an inch and a half all around. I use a hot glue gun and mount the mini to it's base and glue the base to the block. When I'm done I toss it in the freezer then pop it off once froze all up. On the rare occasion I am painting a piece of a mini or a mini to be based later I usually mount it on a piece of brass rod and drill a hole into one of the blocks.

    While we are all sharing I'll add that my wrist and forearm strength/stamina are THROUGH THE ROOF!!!! From being a butcher and for sure not from... you know... the other thing.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ScottRadom View Post
    . When I'm done I toss it in the freezer then pop it off once froze all up.

    You have minis in the freakin' freezer?

    You are the winner!!!

    (celebrate with your wrist and forearm!)

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    Quote Originally Posted by supervike View Post
    You have minis in the freakin' freezer?

    You are the winner!!!

    (celebrate with your wrist and forearm!)
    <snort!> <chokes on tea>

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    Minis in the freezer?

    I use corks, great excuse to drink more wine. Slice the bottom flat then glue on a base for stability
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    Altho I occasionally use old gw paintpot, I also support the use of corks.
    It means you can use both pins and stickytack to mount minis, and especially if you regularly drink bubbly wines you get corks with a bigger top (that can conveniently be turned upsidedown for a bigger grip)

    And I'm definately stealing the idea from Brambleten to stick the corks onto a base!

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    I tend to use some old oil paint jars. They are glass, heavy, about the right size to hold, and work well with blue tac! They are about the same size as the wild cherry branch above.

    If a project is something I only want a tabletop result for, I just use my hands.
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