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Thread: Machine Gunners on Steam Horses on Kickstarter

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    Machine Gunners on Steam Horses on Kickstarter

    The Machine Gun Unit of the Cog Division of the Household Cavalry

    This project is now live on Kickstarter until the 28th of February 2017.

    Already Sculpted and masters cast and here display model painted The Machine Gunner

    Concept artwork for the rest.

    Pledge on Kickstarter here:

    Copper Mine Miniatures

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    Thank you for you support, The project is of to a strong start 1 week in and the total is just below 50%. I have just sent out and update that can be viewed on the kickstarter page detailing some ideas for stretch goals. I look forward to hearing everyone s thoughts on this.

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    Machine Gunners on Steam Horses on Kickstarter ENDS 28th Feb

    little over 2 weeks left to back this project and get yourself some steam powered cavalry.



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