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Thread: Hello.. New Member here (Total Noob)

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    Hello.. New Member here (Total Noob)

    Hello Everyone here,

    My name is Garend here. It is great to see so many interesting post and so many awesome pics and mini in the Gallery.. I got totally intimidated and dumb/awe struck by it.

    I am a total newbie here, but interested in painting minis just starting, so I might pop by your thread or start to ask some questions here. Hopefully I won't irritate you all much by my noob question. The are so many post here, that I will be spending long time to read. Looking forward for it.

    I am wondering if there is a thread or similar stuff which tabulate the FAQ for newbie or advice for painting or it is just saturated in every post?


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    No need to be intimidated - everyone is nice around here.

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    I'm still a newbie to painting and I joined here quite a while back. Welcome - there are some seriously generous and patient people here. Ask your questions and don't feel intimidated. I see paints and sculpts here that are jaw dropping good. If you see something cool - ask how they did it. It's a good way to learn. Also, grab the back issues of Portal:
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    welcome along mate. Yeah Portal is good for a bit of everything. Also check out the articles section, lots of tutorials there but in the forum itself try the workbench and feel free to post and ask questions, theres as many new painters as experienced ones here and its all just a big mingle
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    Welcome to WAMP, Garend! :D
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