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Thread: Kingdom Death Manhunter

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    Kingdom Death Manhunter

    Since this weekend will see the end of the campaign, I figured I'd post up another Kingdom Death mini. This time, it is the Manhunter- one of the monsters from the game.

    This is the plastic version, and I created the base mostly from scratch, with one GW bit thrown in there.

    I'll be making a chibi of him someday...

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    I painted one up years ago in nearly the same colour schemes! Actually Adam Poots bought it and had it on the website for a while. Love that mini!
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    Groovy. He's a pretty great mini all together.

    I wonder how much larger the plastic one is- I know that he resized everything such that the detail was the same.

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    I have the original resin version sat in my cupboard (Poots sent me the gift of death set years ago and I still havent painted one of them yet!). I remember Scotts version and they are similar.

    The base looks cool mate and the palette works. Im not feeling the highlight on the chin/upper lip. Jars a little. Otherwise good effort as ever sir
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    I remember the Gift of Death. That was one of the things that made Kingdom Death look like it would be an RPG, and the classes would be White Speaker, Twilight Knight, Forsaker and Survivor.

    In KDM, everyone is a survivor, you have White Speakers visit your settlement for good or ill, you can potentially have some of your people take the first steps toward becoming a Twilight Knight or Forsaker, though.
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