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Thread: miniature style

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    miniature style

    Hi All - I have a question for all you clever people here.

    After spotting that bloodbowl fantasy football kickstarter the other day I've been looking at other bloodbowl miniatures.

    I've spotted these (which aren't generally available I don't think):
    (search for "skaven teams" in that page - sorry I can't link to the exact location)

    They look to me almost like chess pieces, if you know what I mean, and I quite liked the style.

    So, the style isn't "normal" or anime or I think chibi (there was a thread about that recently). Does anyone know if there is a name associated with this style of miniature?

    Waiting in anticipation for all your answers. =]

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    These lil fellas?

    I don't know about the style name, but it is awfully cute. I agree, they are more like static chess pieces than miniatures.

    And not to derail your thread, but does anyone know if this troll fella is commercially available, and who produces him?

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    Yep, those are the fellas - thanks for including the pic.

    That troll looks like a converted one of these:

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    Getting on for a year old, but this thread never really took off, so... Anyone know of any similarly style miniatures? Or a name to put to the style to aid searching.

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    They almost look like small idols.
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    Wamp Incarnate
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    yeah if I were to name them I would call them Statue-vian or something
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    Quote Originally Posted by vegascat View Post
    They almost look like small idols.
    Ah - searching for idols brings up some similar-ish sorts of miniatures - although mainly Ganesh and Cthulhu oddly. Ta.



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