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Thread: Review: The Norseman Cometh by Collapse Industries

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    Review: The Norseman Cometh by Collapse Industries

    Sliding into view through the fog comes a ship with the head of a dragon. At its prow stands a warrior ready for battle, gas mask affixed and hands resting on the head of his axe.

    Death approaches over silent waters.

    This kit from Collapse Industries is well worth a look!

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    What a weird concept....The more I looked at it, the more I like it.

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    Really good, detailed review... and yeah the modern gear with old has an intriguing look. Nice job!
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    I like this concept of mini, I'm pretty married to the smaller scale stuff though. Would love to see some of that in my regular wheelhouse. Nice review!
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    There is a 1/35 scale...Closer to the TRUE SCALE, but still pretty big by our standards.



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