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Thread: Ouroboros Tales kickstarter

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    Ouroboros Tales kickstarter

    Hi all,

    I've launched a Kickstarter campaign for two 54mm scale orcs, The Brave and the Shaman. They are sculpted by Denis Soul. Maybe you like what you see and will support us. Thank you!

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    We've unlocked some stretch goals and have a new one!

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    Hi all,
    The Ouroboros Tales Kickstarter is ending soon and maybe you can help us get one more final push?!

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    I have received word from the caster that he is working hard on getting the Orc Shaman and Brave from the Ouroboros Tales Kickstarter casted. If you missed the Kickstarter and want either one (or both) of them then now is you chance!

    You can make a late pledge through PayPal until the end of January! Shoot me a PM if you want in!



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