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Thread: [Crowdfunding] Machine Gun Unit on Steam Horses (Cog Division)

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    [Crowdfunding] Machine Gun Unit on Steam Horses (Cog Division)

    Copper Mine Miniatures have launched there own crowd funding website, which operates in much the same way as the others other than you get charged after 7 days through Stripe. The Funds will then site in my Stripe account until the end of the funding period, if the project does not fund the backers will be refunded.

    The 1st Project is the Machine Gun Unit of the Cog Division

    This is running for quite a while as I am testing the system and leaning how it all works.

    example of the artwork below this is the concept work of the Officer

    The Gunner is already sculpted, 3D Printed, masters cast and I am waiting for a display model to be painted.

    Copper Mine Miniatures
    Attached Images Attached Images

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    The Machine Gun Unit of the Cog Division on Mechanical Steam Horses

    This live now and ends on the 12 the Feb 2017, art work and details below.
    Pledge Here:



    Leading Gunner:


    Machine Gunner (already Sculpted):

    Support Gunner:

    The project includes a free figure at certain pledge levels of a sentry figure with a choice of heads.

    Please feel free to share this project with all your friends who may be interested.

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    I have cancelled this and the other project on Copper Prospector and launched this one on Kickstarter



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