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Thread: Yōkai Quest Kickstarter

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    Yōkai Quest Kickstarter

    Hi everyone!

    Zenit Miniatures will be launching a Kickstarter campaign for Yōkai Quest next Saturday 19!

    Yōkai Quest is a collaborative board game for 1+ players, heavily based in the classic mechanics of beat’em up games and RPGs. Set in a fantasy, Japan-inspired world, the miniatures included are designed with a chibi style.

    The players choose their heroes, and enter battle against hordes of yōkai in staged scenarios, advancing through until they face the final boss.

    For more information, images of the minis, and updates about the game and the campaign, you can check the Zenit Miniatures Facebook page:

    Thank you very much, I hope you like it!
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    cute. best of luck with it
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    Quote Originally Posted by Darklord View Post
    cute. best of luck with it
    Thank you very much!

    The project is now live, it can be checked here:




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