Hi, We would like to share with WAMP readers our recent project that we released with the beginning of November 2016 - RAGE CRAFT. We create 32mm scale miniatures in the world of fantasy. We launched 3 characters: 1. ASSASIN LADY - The master of many faces, ally of shadows, queen of silence and the sudden pain - The Assasin Lady. Nobody knows what is her true name or desires yet she is a remedy for betrayed wives, cheated merchants and kings who look for subtle revenge. Her superior skills in killing have proved the great value of changing the tide of battle. 2. INQUISITOR KNIGHT - The Inquisitor is a guardian of men, driven by divine power and undisputed faith to Old World Gods. The Inquisition Knights are legendary predators that strike into the battlefield for the purpose of peace for mankind. Showing no mercy to the creatures of darkness and armed with thunder amour and lightning swords they are virtually capable of anihilating many creatures who are enemies of our kind. 3. VAMPIRE WIZARD - Vampires since centuries were one of the most terrifying creatures. Their immortality, powerful magic and intelligence are their source of great desire to rule upon the humans and other races. For the creatues of eternity, cruelty and pain are the allies for building vampires' empire.
All our miniatures are perfect for any gamers of fantasy universes & collectors. The scale of our miniatures is similar to the most popular battlefield miniature systems which makes it a perfect fit. They come unpainted and the set contains 4 components: unassambled 32mm scale miniature & 32mm round base. The miniature is rich in details casted in best quality resin. Our main goal was to create top quality resin miniature that is perfectly matched to the other components.

You can connect with us on FB: https://www.facebook.com/ragecraftstudio/