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Thread: Hi from Texas!

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    Hi from Texas!

    Hi there! I'm trying to get back into painting miniatures after many, many years away from it. I bought all new Vallejo Game Color paints (mistake? maybe), new brushes and tools, and I'm feeling like a brand new hobbyist. Back in the day, I painted 25mm figures for the roleplaying table, some 28mm fantasy and sci-fi for WFB and Warzone, and some 15mm historical stuff for DBA. Nowadays, my primary interest is fleet scale starship models for Full Thrust and some of the larger ones for Firestorm Armada.

    My major challenges since hitting the reset switch have been good lighting for my painting table; neat, thorough model prep; re-learning how to find the sweet spot between coverage and good flow/consistency with base coats, washes, glazes, and highlights; and keeping my cats off the painting table. Really, learning how to get the paints to flow and cover the way I want is what's giving me the most headaches at the moment.

    I tried getting in touch with a local figure painting club in the Dallas area, but I got the impression that they were more focused on higher-end painting and painters than on bringing up newbies. I've read articles and watched some of the videos available, but I think my learning style would be better served by getting together with human beings, watching them do stuff well, and getting some hands-on tips. But if that's not to be, I'll find what looks like a good forum and try that!

    (One of the biggest problems with that, I think, is that I have to also learn how to take reasonable pictures of WIP without a proper camera, proper lighting, etc.)

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    If you can handle the space requirements, a dedicated light box is a good way to go. I made one out a used UHaul storage/moving box... will probably do so again in the near future. There were some really good tutorials back then, some of them should be up. Found this one and this one on the first page of a yahoo search, so further investigation should get you more results.

    I recently got my gaming mate back into painting after both of us took extended breaks from painting. The social aspect does bring an extra element of fun, but it does become distracting for me, and slows my painting down a bit more than it normally is. Probably because for years I always painted alone...

    One thing that has helped me in recent years has been doing a larger variety of minis. Most of the stuff I had done had been strictly for my wargaming. Having an end goal for each piece is a good motivator, but doing the occasional one-off piece has been useful for practicing new techniques/techniques I need to get better at.

    As far as a proper camera goes, my secret weapon is a small tripod. Sounds innocent enough, but having that stability (plus my camera's 10-count feature) gives me zero-camera-movement, which helps maintain proper focus. I bought the camera at a pawn shop, total cost ~$40 plus a few minutes to download some software for it, and the tripod I got at WalMart for ~$10... in other words, less money than I spent on my Bronzeback.

    Welcome to the forums.

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    welcome along.
    Mini photography is as dark an art as painting them!
    I use a foldable light tent so easy to store (pretty cheap on ebay) though a lot of guys these days are doing away with light tents (easier to use cameras I think)

    paint consistency is a tricky one as it depends on the paint and what your trying to do with it any painters vary in what they need dilution wise. I normally aim for roughly a milk consistency and often add a couple of drops of glaze medium in as dilution and helps with the viscosity.
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    I agree with TheDude, get a tripod for your camera or phone and a remote for it so you don't have to touch it when taking the photo. Also a good backdrop can help a lot as well, Hangar18 (I think they're called) have really nice ones and I think they are located in the US or Canada. Massive Voodoo has some free ones you can print yourself.

    If you do find a good group or club, I definitely recommend to try it out. To get feedback in the flesh is something I wish I had access too.

    Keeping the cat away from your painting space... if you find a good way for that, please let me know :).

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    welcome to the wampness
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