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Thread: TheDude Abides

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    TheDude Abides

    Hey there.

    Recently got back into mini painting after taking most of 2016 off. I'd lost a bit of my mojo due to a combination of minor-but-consistent health issues and disillusionment with some of the games I was playing.

    Fortunately, I recently quit smoking, so the health issues are clearing up nicely. I'm in the process of getting rid of most of the WMH stuff... definitely keeping some of my Skorne stuff just in case I get the urge to re-visit that game... and it has some of my cooler paintjobs to boot. Currently playing a little Age of Sigmar, though not that often as of late since my main gaming buddy recently changed jobs and out schedules aren't favorable at the moment. So getting some work done on my beast-heavy chaos stuff.

    Saw a lot of links to this site while checking out painting videos and blog posts, so it was natural for me to check it out.

    Looking forward to doing a hard reset on my hobby station in the next few weeks so I can go full-ham on the painting and sharing my endeavors with the world again. By reset, I mean
    -cleaning it off completely
    -re-organizing what I need on it
    -upgrading my lighting for painting and photography purposes
    -replenishing my paint stock

    *That last one is a thorn in my side as my paint collection has dwindled down to 15 paints which are mostly at the bottom of the barrel... still perfectly usable, but my best estimate is <10 mL total volume.

    To everyone: keep up the good work, unless you're working at getting better.

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    Welcome aboard!
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    welcome dude!
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    Welcome! Looking forward to seeing your work.

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    Looking forward to posting my work, although my best guess is my first "work" pics will be a before and after of my work desk cleaning project



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