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Thread: Kingdom Death: Starting Survivors

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    Kingdom Death: Starting Survivors

    Among the Kingdom Death's great lineup of minis, one set that I'll always be fond of is the four starting survivors.

    They're all beautiful sculpts that really grant an opportunity to do nice skintones. For these four, my client wanted something similar to what is suggested in the Kingdom Death artwork- except that Erza was definitely not to have blue hair.

    Here they are in all their glory:

    Zachery and Erza

    Lucy and Alister

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    Top knotch stuff - they've got real depth.

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    Very nice! I so wish that I could justify getting the game but it's too expensive for a game that I'll manage to convince the other people in the club to play with me once.

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    Yeah- our weekly game night has been conquered by Kingdom Death. We do other games in between, but we come back to KDM a whole lot.

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    The blacklining on Allister comes off a bit strong due to seperating a pale skintone and white hair/cloth. It blends into the other models a lot better. Other than that, great work as always (seen your work on numerous other outlets.)

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    I think that's a criticism that I've had on other works. I do like using very dark lining (this is dark blue or purple, but it isn't so far from black). Most of the time, no one has an issue with it (I like very dark shading, for example) but sometimes it does make a bit of a difference.

    I think I could stand to lighten it up sometimes, and here's an example where I could do that.



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