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Thread: Review: Hero Forge Part 2: The Miniature

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    Review: Hero Forge Part 2: The Miniature

    My custom miniature from Hero Forge arrived. How does it compare to the character creator's render? How is the quality and is it worth the price?


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    I don't mind converting figures, in fact, I quite enjoy it.

    There have been a couple of characters I just cannot seem to find good enough 'proxies' to start my conversion from.

    While I used their creator to make these minis, I'm still concerned with a few things. One being the height.

    For instance, one of the characters I want to build is a Modern Monster Hunter. He's described as being a giant of a man...7 ft tall. While I have the ability, with the creator, to make him 'big and tall'. Not once does it say how tall. I'd like to know if he'll end up just being 30mm, or 38mm. It makes a huge difference to me, so he would scale up nicely with my existing line.

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    Are you doing a Hack/Slash thingy Vike?
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