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Thread: Ogrun Bokur

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    Ogrun Bokur

    This was my entry for the P3 Grandmasters this year.

    I didn't want to push myself as hard to improve my painting this year- mostly because I was dealing with the sleep deprivation that comes with having a newborn. I did, however, want to push myself in terms of basing, and I think that I succeeded there.

    I went with a very battle damaged look. I think that if I were to do it again, I'd go for a bit cleaner look- still add some damage, but not nearly so much. As is, there's hardly an area on him that isn't covered with some sort of nicks and scratches.

    I've posted him to CMON for anyone who cares to vote.

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    Lovely piece. I like the heavy weathering, and while everything's well executed the NMM chainmail and little waves lapping at the base are especially ace.
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    That looks great! Beautiful colors. Got a 10 from me.

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    really nice mate. the base looks cool.

    If I were to nitpick I might suggest the base feels a little monotone compared to the mini itself. Also the flesh, while nicely done seems to close tonally to the armour so it kind of washes out. Its only minor niggles and offered up constructively. I still really like it!
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    I'll have a look at it. For some reason, it is being really tough to get the white balance right on this guy, but I'll have a look to see if that's true of the mini itself, or just the photos.

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    Wow lovely job, saw this but hadn't realised it was yours!



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