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Thread: Wonderlands Project - Mauser Earth: War for Paris Kickstarter!

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    Wonderlands Project - Mauser Earth: War for Paris Kickstarter!

    The campaign for the skirmish game is here!

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  2. Loving your work This user likes what you had to say. Good on Ya! vegascat
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    I'm watching the KS and am trying to gather enough cash to get in on it.
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    The sculpts are gorgeous, and I'm desperately trying to clear space on my desk to paint up the ones I picked up from Oni at Salute. Think I've already purchased all the figures from the range that appealed to me - but waiting to see if a couple of the stretch goals are reached. Great company, great guy - definitely one to watch!
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    I'm in a similar boat - watching the project but as I haven't yet touched the couple of pieces I picked up a while back (as nice as they are), I'm expecting an influx of KS projects around September and October that I'm afraid get ahead of this in the funding queue.
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