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Thread: Imbrian Arts Goblin Shrike

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    Imbrian Arts Goblin Shrike

    Getting time to edit photos and share them around is something I still drag my feet with :(

    This was a model I started painting just before Gencon last year to blow off some steam, and ended up getting it done in time to enter in the painting comp there, as well as having enough colours on it to enter it in The Rainbow Brush. I managed to get a Bronze rank in the Gencon comp as well, which was nice :D.

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  2. Loving your work These users all liked this awesome post:: DeafNala,spykeside
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    It's adorable! Love the fact that despite the wide variety of colours used, it ties together so well.
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    Nice work, congrats on the bronze!
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    Thanks all :) I still have a small giggle and wave to him when I see him standing guard in the cabinet.

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    hes great, do love the Imbrian stuff
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    SPLENDID! The Little Guy & his Avian Friend look like something Brian Froud might have come up with. They are BEAUTIFULLY painted creations. ​VERY WELL DONE!
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