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Thread: Carthaginian Carnage - 4 Way Hannibal Challenge

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    I instantly thought Luthors too.

    When I pinstripe I will paint the suit as normal from midtone and add the highlights. Then do the pinstripes (highlight them up too) then I add shading across the whole suit as this shades the pinstripes too.
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  2. Loving your work This user likes what you had to say. Good on Ya! vegascat
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    Oooh, that's a very smart tip, cheers! Currently being sidetracked by painting the elephant - this really is a lovely model.
    Nerodine (blog, WIP thread)

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    Okay, so looking back at the first post I realised that Brambleten had written our deadline was 8th July. Now I know for a fact that Mr Purgatory hasn't finished, Normski's MIA and Brambleten is probably drowning under the weight of impulse purchases ... so we probably need to change the deadline for this

    But ... I've finished mine to throw down a gauntlet of mediocrity to the rest of them. Have at ye!

    I liked painting this chap, and the elephant remains adorable. Nice work Purgatory, this was a fun one!
    Nerodine (blog, WIP thread)

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    He looks awesome!

    We all missed the deadline so nobody gets to enter the actual contest and win a prize, so we're just playing for pride here now. I know Gary is still playing with his tweed, and mine has been put on the back burner due to major mojo failure and needing my Eavier Metal entry done by the end of the month. And Norm is currently in croatia annoying Marko I believe ;)

    Shall we say the middle of August as an extended deadline? Though seeing as you already finished, I guess you could decide how much extra time we all get for being slower than you ;)
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    Shall we say until 4PM? ;)

    More seriously, mid-August sounds sensible. Think we've been suffering from that natural hobby slowdown that seems to hit as it warms up.

    I've been following Gary's progress on Instagram, and that tweed is going to kickass ... assuming it doesn't claim his sanity first.
    Nerodine (blog, WIP thread)


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