I'm starting a new project: the Dragon King from Kingdom Death: Monster. The piece is themed to radioactivity, so I thought it might be fun to experiment with glow in the dark or UV reactive paints. I have a couple questions for how to source and use them.

1) What paints are out there that are glow in the dark and UV reactive? I've seen some Vajello paints (mentioned here: http://www.wampforum.com/VB4/showthread.php?t=11667 ) but I'm not sure I can get a hold of that brand. What else is out there?
I've found these (online, at least):

2) For those above linked products, has anyone worked with them? How did that work out for you?

3) Is there a glow in the dark or UV reactive medium that can be mixed with paint? I'm not sure I care about the colour of the glow (though a sickly green or violet would probably suit the colour scheme I'm going for).
For example:

4) I know painting over them will cover up the glow effect, but how much?

5) Do washes eliminate the glow? I mean, if I'm using one of these as a layer, and then I put a wash over it, does the wash leave enough of a residue to completely occlude the glow?

6) Has anyone posted about their experiences with these types of paint? I'm having a devil of a time finding anything. I had to use google to search this site to find the above link, for example. Seems like one thread per community:

7) Any other advice from those who've done this before?

Other pertinent information:
  • I live in Canada, in a moderately-sized community. Availability may differ due to importing and regulatory hurdles.
  • I'm a pretty low-skill hobbyist. I'm willing (happy, even) to learn, but I've never used different mediums and only recently bought my first non-GW miniature paint.

Thanks in advance!