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Thread: "Out of Business" starring Mafuku

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    "Out of Business" starring Mafuku

    This was my large category entry for 2016 Crystal Brush. The model is Mafuku by Kaha miniatures. I made this for a friend of mine to break myself out of some painters block that experienced a few months back. She wanted an elephant because she believes in stopping the illegal poaching of ivory. At first I was hoping that she would pick a fantasy figure, something easy maybe.. Noo.. an elephant.. I'm like, great, where the hell I'm gonna find one of them. A couple google searches later and I found Mafuku and bam, it filled all the checkmarks. Was a fun miniature to paint, prolly because he was so angry.. I figured the scene would be the end results of a poacher taking his ivory to market and Mafuku put em outta business, in typical New York City style. I received some feedback from Justin McCoy at Adepticon, I guess the weakest part of the whole piece was the plinth, the color was too light and too shiny. Live and learn I suppose. I would love any feedback that you all have on this site on this piece. I appreciate it.


  2. Loving your work This user likes what you had to say. Good on Ya! vegascat
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    That's really cool. Love the look and the idea of it.

    Can we get a close up of the warrior?

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    Here is the link to the whole album for him. This contains a few WIPs during the process and the previous attempt at the base.

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    I love it, tells a great story.
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    thats awesome. reminds me of a rackham mini I painted once with a big elephant head. great scene
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    I appreciate it!

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    Love this but it's not the plinth which is a problem. To be honest it's the 'base' the scene is on - foamboard by the look of it. The edges look 'unfinished' as they are uneven and rough. I think a surround of wood strip (or square section), maybe stained balsa, would really set it off and complement the plinth.
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