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Thread: Kickstarter: VSF 28mm Household Cavalry STARTS 25th March 2016

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    Kickstarter: VSF 28mm Household Cavalry STARTS 25th March 2016

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    Interesting though not my cuppa tea, never managed to get excited by steampunk
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    been thinking for ages someone should do steampunk horses.

    Best of luck
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    Kickstarter: VSF 28mm Household Cavalry Now LIVE

    This is now live on Kickstarter until the 25th of April.

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    First WIP of the fighting private and horse, I am planning to do a couple of fighting poses for this unit.
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    I have posted a video of a WIP of the Private for the ladies unit here: or here: and you can pledge here: She has a gun that fires sand, gravel, lead shot or anything small put in the hopper on the side of the horse. The material is then sucked into the unit on her back and fired, this is all magically powered from the horse. Watch out this lot will hurt!

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    WIP of Farrier Running to fix damaged / broken down steam horse for stretch goal 2.
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