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Thread: Harlequin Solitaire

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    Harlequin Solitaire

    Here's a solitaire that I got to paint up just a little while ago. He goes with one of a couple forces of Harlequins that I've painted up in small batches.

    Each of the other Harlequins in the troupe have strong black and white patterns with one bold color added. This Harlequin has each of the other colors incorporated into it (sort of a sign of his position).

    Here's a link to his CMON page for anyone who cares to vote.

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    Love the fade on the squares, just lovely, well done!

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    Thanks. Those fades were really the central concept I used on this one, so I'm glad they turned out well.

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    Very nice fading and angling of the squares.

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    smart mate. the colour shift is great
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    That's an awesome Solitaire.



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