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Thread: Twisted Kickstarter is LIVE! New steampunk 32mm miniatures game :)

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    Twisted Kickstarter is LIVE! New steampunk 32mm miniatures game :)

    Hi everyone, Seb here - I thought I'd better post this here on good old WAMP as well as spamming everywhere else! I know a lot of you guys have already backed Twisted, so THANK YOU

    On to the news announcement!

    Our Twisted Kickstarter is now LIVE! The next month will be a very exciting one!


    Youtube video:

    We have been overwhelmed with support and have already funded in just 45 minutes from launch! It was absolutely incredible to fund so quickly, we are blown away by the speed of the support so far and really thrilled and excited! It's going to let us add a LOT more cool stuff to Twisted, now :)

    Twisted is an immersive new tabletop skirmish game for 2 or more players, with a world-class range of 32mm miniatures representing your characters.

    Set in an uniquely interesting steampunk universe, Twisted’s absorbing gameplay and linked story-driven missions create a real emotional connection between you and your characters on the tabletop.

    But beware the power of the Engine! The ever-present influence of the mysterious steampunk Engine pervades the world of Twisted, and plays an active role in gameplay!

    Here are a few pictures to give you a taste of Twisted.

    This is a thumbnail of our 'mega mini pic' - it shows all the core miniatures from our Kickstarter, from the Dickensians and Servants of the Engine factions (although now there are a bunch of extra new ones that have already been added through Stretch Goals!!)

    About 2/3 of these miniatures are brand new for the Kickstarter. Click this small image for the MEGA sized version:

    If you've seen the Twisted Kickstarter page recently, you'll know that we've already unlocked 7 Stretch Goals, including some great new miniatures. And if we can continue driving through the Stretch Goals, then there are plenty more where they came from!

    Craig Clark, the genius from CNC Miniature Scenery, has designed some incredible MDF terrain pieces especially for Twisted! Craig is an absolute genius with laser-cut MDF!

    A HUGE thanks again to any of you who've already back Twisted!

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    Currently in for the two Engine sets to add to my Engine resins :)
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    Thanks Brambleton - awesome to have your support :)

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    Awsome. CRacking sculpts and quality. One of my favourite ranges.

    Back it folks!
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    Seeeeeeeeb... ;-)

    Im in on this too... would have sold body parts for this one lol.. Tesla pledge and a few resins add ons ;-)



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