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Thread: Having a clear out

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    Having a clear out

    So I think I've finally accepted that I don't paint

    My time currently is spent on many other things, all of which require money so having a small cupboard full of things worth money that I don't touch seems silly. With that in mind, I'm looking to shift some of the following....

    Prices do not include postage and I am open to offers, especially for anyone wanting multiple things - drop me a PM. Based in UK obviously. Pictures available on request.

    Kingdom Death - all resin
    Savior (encore) - 40
    Pinup Savior - 40
    Savior 80yr old - 40
    Pinpup Survivor - 40
    Survivor beyond the wall - 40
    Kings Man - 30
    Flower Knight - 50
    White Speaker - 40
    Pinup White Speaker - 40
    Pinup Great Game Hunter - 40

    Knight Models - all 70mm
    Storm Trooper on Bike - 100
    Obi Wan Kenobi - Episode IV - 50
    Han Solo Episode IV - 60
    Iron Man MK1 - 30
    Iron Man Special Edition (originally only available direct from knight models) - 55

    Scale 75
    Fix it Sam - 40

    Athena 110mm - 35
    Centaur 54mm - 20
    Rocco - 170mm - 70

    Persian Assassin - 50
    Zenobe - 30
    Octopus Bust - 30

    Smart Max
    Doctor Zeels - 30

    Enchantment - 40

    Poopee Canoupe
    Barbarian Dude (original) - 40

    Studio Mcvey - all resin
    Ar-Fienel - 80 (torso is split in 2 - clean break across the belly. Will repair very easy. Damaged like this when I received from SM)
    Azumi - 40
    Scythe Witch - 40
    Al-Raavia - 40
    Virharr Bearclaw - 30
    Kifaro - 50
    Shisou and Akarui with base - 50

    Games Workshop
    Chimera - 20

    Rackham - offers please. Many are new in box but some have been opened or may have paint on.
    Rackham - Tir-Na-Bor
    Khor Warriors 3 (3)
    Rackham - Wolfen of Yllia
    Predator with Great blade
    Wolfen with crossbow 3
    Rackham - Elves of Cynwall
    Rackham - Griffin
    Shanys the shadow x2
    Pretorian Guard (5)
    Griffin Exorcist
    Abel the ill tempered
    Melkion the flaming
    Cairn the Apostate
    Griffin Fusiliers (3)
    Griffin Executioners (2)
    Grrifin templars (5)
    Garell the Redeemer
    Rackham - Alchemists of Dirz
    Sasia Samaris (original)
    Rackham - Mid-Nor
    Master of Puppets
    Rackham - Cadwallon
    Syth Morris
    Morzath the Hellspat
    Trigger of Khaurik
    Vladar the Arrogant
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    Sold a few so updated the list. Willing to do a good deal for anyone wanting a few items so feel free to just drop me an offer.

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    Ye Gods I'd love to take those Knight Models off your hands, but not a chance without getting into a lot of trouble, lol!

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    There's a few things on the list that I'd love, but I'm sans cash at the moment.
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