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Thread: Unnamed Sci-fi Girl

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    Unnamed Sci-fi Girl

    This is the latest figure I've painted. This one is a new release by
    It's so new that she doesn't even have a name yet.

    This was a pretty fast paint-job that I worked on the past couple of evenings. It was a fun figure to paint, and a little different from most I have painted before.

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    Nice! Striped top is great! :)

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    For God's sake give her a name already! You cruel, cruel man!
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    Quote Originally Posted by ScottRadom View Post
    For God's sake give her a name already! You cruel, cruel man!
    Ha! Actually, they are running a contest on their facebook page to find a name for her:
    I don't have any good ideas myself though...

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    I dig the heck out of that!!!

    One slight crit would be that her belly button needs to be a bit darker. It looks kinda weird.

    But fantastic skin, great hair, and wonderful job!

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    like that mate. The flesh is a little thickly painted in places but great palette, the hair really works
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    Wow! She looks great! I love the colors and the different patterns on the model. Her basing is great as well.
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