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Thread: When Miniatures Fight Back

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    When Miniatures Fight Back

    I've been working on an entry for a contest on Facebook where everyone is painting the same figure and only moderate conversions are allowed. It's the Reaper Bones bear-riding dwarf girl.

    I instantly had an idea for my conversion owing to playing way too much Fallout 4 as this contest was announced around the time of the game's release. The idea was simple: the Lone Wanderer riding a bear. Conversions were quite simple to stick within the tight allowed parameters. I used some watch parts to rebuild the shield slung on her saddle to make it look like it was cobbled together from street signs and metal parts. Added a strange looking fin to the helmet that has a tactical light on one side and created a custom pipe rifle that's slung on the other side of the saddle in a rifle scabbard (that has a picture of vault boy painted on the side).

    The downside of this project is that ever since I put paint to it I feel like the figure has been fighting me. Nothing feels right about the fur on the bear. I've done 3 passes on the fur alone using different color schemes and changing up techniques. That's basically how I feel about the entire figure, outside of the dwarf's armor- which is painted to look like a vault suit with leather armor (as seen in any of the release pictures from Fallout 4).

    There are only 2 things about this project I'm actually happy about at the moment- the helmet, which has a very nice digital camo pattern painted on the top, and the asphalt base I created, which looks quite good (I used my normal construction technique but replaced milliput with sculpey and the results were just as good).

    The contest deadline is in 2 days and I can just feel the motivation being sucked out of me because of my general unhappiness with my work.

    In the long run I think I need to just finish it and call it done as a fun project and forget about the contest part. I want to submit it, but I'm just tired of fighting this figure.

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    It happens bro! My new thing is I toss it in a box and never, ever look at the offending mini's again.
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    Yep, chuck it up on a shelf, and move on. It's suppose to be fun, if it's not, stop doing it.

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    This certainly happens. :/

    Good luck with whatever you decide, either pushing through or leaving it for another time.

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    I've had the same problem and if I can't push on to at least "meh, it'll do" I keep a box of shame where they all live. Sometimes you just have to chalk it up as a loss and move to the next project. After a few years little while, I take them out the box and reassess. This year will see a few old figures resurface for this reason, and it's nice to feel reinvigorated about a project previously abandoned.
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