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Thread: Help with plinths

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    Help with plinths

    Hi all I have a question about plinths and sizes and getting the right one for busts and my question is there a sort of size of plinth for a scale for a bust. Being a total beginner at busts and plinths need advice.

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    hmmm, I've never really seen any rules of advice for this. What I usually do is either sketch out a box the size of what I want to try and judge it. Or make squares out of paper and put them under the base to try and judge it.

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    I just find one that looks right though I have the advantage of having a load in stock to hand. I generally go for one roughly the same size as the bust itself
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    generally the plinth will not be bigger than the bust.. if you get a plinth that is the same whidth as the shoulders on the bust that is generally as big as you would go for that bust. ya can go a little thinner but not too much as it would look top heavy. and a wider plinth would swallow up the bust..

    if ya use the shoulser whidth rule ya will be fine... but usually if its right with your eye then its fine..



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