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Thread: Morland Studios December Release "Getting Ready for Santa"

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    Morland Studios December Release "Getting Ready for Santa"

    This month we are releasing a 35mm Christmas scene, “Getting Ready for Santa”, sculpted by Sandra Garrity. This 7 piece set is all cast in quality resin and features a traditional Christmas Eve scene of trimming a tree and of course, mischief.

    It features a cute scene of several kids getting ready for Santa's visit. The little girl is busy trimming the tree in candy canes while the boy watches in dismay as their puppy pulls on the tablecloth trying to tip over Santa's milk and cookies! The fireplace is all ready with a lit fire and candles and decorated with a lace doily and stockings for the entire family..including the pets! The tree is fully decked out with tinsel banners, tons of ornaments of all shapes and sizes from bulbs to houses and all the other nicknacks that trees acquire over the years. There is even a furry surprise peeking out from inside the tree! Underneath the tree sits presents, a drum, ball, train and of course, a kitty playing with an ornament.

    It can be found in our 32mm miniature section here:

  2. Loving your work This user likes what you had to say. Good on Ya! vegascat
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    thats awesome! One of my favourite Morland releases
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