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Thread: Rise of the Chibi

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    Rise of the Chibi

    Hiya Folks!

    So, I've just been a peripheral miniature hobbyist for the last few years. Just occasionally checking in..

    However, as this hobby starts to regain it's focus for me (hey, I actually painted stuff too!) and I start to haunt the foirums more regularly, I've noticed some trends that have seem to taken place.

    One thing that I have noticed is the influx of the Chibis. Honestly, I'm not even sure what a Chibi is, or why it's a thing, but instead of the GRIMDARK minis I have been accustomed to, I'm seeing these large eye cutie pies every where.

    So, just curious, in case I missed the memo, why? What has caused this popularity? Why is it popular? Do you like it or hate it? Fad or here to stay?

    Anyone want to have a discussion about this?

  2. Loving your work This user likes what you had to say. Good on Ya! NeatPete
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    I like them, have not painted one, but they look like nice little starter minis.

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    I'm not keen on them at all. The whole point of this hobby (to me) seems to be to make the best effort you can to achieve realism in miniature. And with so many stunningly good figures available at present I am just not interested in these little cartoons.
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    I liked the concept that Scale 75 started up their Smog line with - having a painting guide in with each mini, allowing you to focus on different themes.

    I haven't really been interested in Chibi models all that much but seeing some WIPs of stuff tempted me into backing the Super Dungeon Explorer project that finished today to give myself a new challenge. It won't be hear till at least next december, so plenty of time to play around with larger scale stuff before giving them a try.
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    Can't stand them at all. hate the style. I thought it might be fun to paint as a break from the more grimdark kinda stuff I usually work on and bought some rivet ars special characters. It's not my bag really. Why is ti so popular? I think it's been a slow gradual thing, but it's not for me. Also I don't like the more realistic Japanimation style stuff and hence most of the Infinity range. Actually I don't like lots of things. I might be a pretty negative dude now that I think about it...

    I think It is getting people painting who might not go for the more typical stuff.

    So put me down firmly in the I don't get it category.
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    The first i can remember of it was the original super dungeon explore. I know they are kick starting it again which I don't understand why you kickstart a game you made like 5 years ago and offer all the same ****, but that's another discussion. Seems more of it appearing lately though for sure. Can't say I dig it all that much, and would never see myself painting them.

    Maybe it's draw comes as break from the norm that folks have gravitated towards, or maybe it offers a much different painting style. Maybe it's younger generations growing up on Pokemon and all that stuff I know nothing about. Hell, maybe people are just excited to have the chance to paint eyes on a mini for once.

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    I think you got one of the point, at least for me.
    I've backed SDE hoping the game to be nice, possible playable also with my son. But one of the thing that attracted me on SDE is also the possibility to paint big eyes for one time :)

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    I think they are marmite, you either love them or hate them, though actually I am neither! I hated them to begin with but they have grown on me a little. I dont think I would buy them but would paint them (if that makes sense).

    I think they are popular for three reasons. Firstly some folks will find them cute. Second they have an Anime type feel to them and thirdly they are easy to paint. No tiny eyes or faces to get realistic. All the details are nice and big and they can take a bright cartoon style.
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    Personally I think the whole concept of chibis is a bit off. Chibi is a Japanese slang term for a small child which is kind of what they are, so why the attempt to sex them up with big boobs and provocative outfits? There's something not right about the whole thing if you ask me.
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    They like to do that a lot tho with there manga and so on.


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