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Thread: Proof-of-concept - Necromancer in 32mm scale

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    Proof-of-concept - Necromancer in 32mm scale

    Hi everybody,

    My crew has been working overtime and my proof-of-concept miniature is finally available for sale; by that, I mean my long-suffering wife, my overly-enthusiastic 3 year old son, and myself.

    She costs $25 AUD, not including shipping. This is a limited run of 100 miniatures only.
    Unfortunately, the master was damaged in the casting, so I cannot produce any more.

    S&H costs are $10 Australia-wide, and $17 for rest-of-world.
    I apologize for the rest-of-world shipping costs, but AusPost commands the prices, and my business account with them has not yet been approved.

    Payment via Paypal ONLY.
    If you wish to purchase her, please drop me a PM.

    Stuff goes out on Sat mornings ONLY, so please be patient.
    I work in emergency services, with some really odd hours, but I will do my best to respond quickly.

    Our studio paintjob will come online at the end of Nov.

    Thank you for looking.

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    good stuff! has the green being destroyed?
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    Not destroyed, just damaged. A skilled sculptor should be able to repair it, I think.

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    Our official studio paintjob is out! Done by Leigh Carpenter, one of the former Australian Slayer Sword winners.

    Also, my narrative author has come up with some background:

    The old gods have abandoned this world. This failed experiment. In doing so, they have taken away the ability to procreate. Those left behind quickly realized that they had to somehow continue the bloodlines.

    The Dynasty took the most drastic measure possible. In a single night, a terrible ritual slew the entire populace, then raised them back to the 'living'. But the same ritual also hid the awful, undead state from the people. They go about their lives, unknowing and uncaring that they are all dead. They eat, drink, sleep, and make love ..... even as their bodies crumble to dust.

    The perpetrators of the ritual remain still-living. But they power their un-natural lives by eating souls, from their own populace, or from captured enemies.

    Lei is the premier necromancer of this dreadful cadre. She is evil incarnate. Realizing that her father, even in his old age, was a mighty warrior, she captured his soul after the ritual. But allowed him to understand his undead state. She mated his spirit with one of the captured werewolves of the forest, and compelled him to serve her as a powerful assassin throughout eternity.

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    With my DHL business account now active, I can also offer flat-rate shipping world-wide at $10 AUD.

    Well, mostly. If you are in NZ, unfortunately, the flat-rate shipping becomes slightly un-flat-rate. It goes up to $12 AUD. I don't know why. DHL hasn't given me an acceptable answer.

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    just to make one thing clear the CRAZY that sculpted this is well me ...

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    Yes, sculpted by Lee Jae Chi. A very fine sculpt, too!

    *** Christmas sale! ***

    Until 1 Jan 2016, Lei will go on sale for $20 AUD.
    Standardized shipping of $10 AUD world-wide, except for NZ.



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