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Thread: Arena Rex Aquila

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    Arena Rex Aquila

    Recently, I've had a couple clients send me some of the beautiful Arena Rex minis to paint up.

    Here's the first one I did- Aquila. I must say, I'm very impressed with the quality of Arena Rex minis.

    I've posted him to CMON if anyone cares to vote.

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    I liek the Arena Rex sculpts (though not seen in the flesh)

    done this nice mate love the purple shield.

    Have you used a touch of green shading on the flesh?
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    Yes- the flesh is shaded first in red, then in green. I find that switching it up like that with contrasting colors makes the areas look more interesting, and often more organic.

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    nice work.. you may like the quality coz Seb Archer sculpted a few of them including the Aquila ;-)



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